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  • handmade products require more time and energy
    It is no secret that handmade products require more time and energy to put together that do mass-produced factory goods. Designers and creators of these commodities go through a series of steps that consumers of their products do not even know. They apply their expertise and know-how of the craft to produce the readymade commodity that we then buy. These products are formed as a result of these crafters putting in their time and energy.
  • Ethiopia Fair Trade
    Here is the thing with empathy; it can be the secret weapon for businesses that choose to wield it. It is often the element that makes or breaks a company. Where did we get the idea that profit-making and empathy are two separately existing principles? Why do most people believe that one cannot build a successful corporation by integrating empathy in the day to day activities, and for that matter, in the overall plan? Empathetic
  • gifts from africa fair trade
    Why everyone needs to board UN-SDG’s ship? ? ? Meriam Webster Dictionary defines the ‘sustainability’ as ‘able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed, able to last or continue for a long time’. It gives it a very clear, straight forward definition. The goals that have been put in place thus focus primarily on supporting this. They aim to keep the world functioning properly and without distress; they aim to make the
  • The question is a tough one to answer, isn’t it? Who is sweating behind the scenes? Who makes our products? Who are the people who wake up every day to produce what we need? What conditions wait to greet them at work? If we fail to answer these questions, fail to name who these people are, how can we possibly convey our appreciation? Indeed, the system in which the economy is operating now does not

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